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Have you ever been called disgusting?

Have you ever been called disgusting?

Have you ever had advice which was good, but delivered to you in a painful way, making you feel like a terrible person or parent?

I've recently cut ties with an old friend, and I was reflecting on the things that happened that led to this moment.

I think, the things you can remember in detail are there to teach you a lesson.

A few years ago I mentioned to my friend that me and my husband were out with my 2-year-old. She was being so wriggly and (as two-year-olds are) impatient. We let her watch Rapunzel or something on our phone.

This friend then said it was 'disgusting'.

What she was trying to say (I'm sure), was not to get her in the habit of watching TV at the table and while she eats.

But she called me disgusting, she said letting children watch TV at the table when they are out with their family is disgusting.

I mulled over this, took the real meaning, and took it on board, but I didn't call her out on her language and how it made me feel.

I didn't set my own boundaries with her, I didn't protect myself, and I allowed these hurtful words to live with me for the following 4 years.

So I wrote a masterclass on how to create maintain and enforce boundaries - If this is something you think might help you (the process of writing it for me has been very healing and eye-opening!) - click here

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