Female Performer

Confidence / Coaching

Are you showing up for the Future You?

  • Are you looking for TRUE inner confidence - not just for show?

  • Are you not speaking up when you should?

  • Do you feel yourself people pleasing rather than speaking the truth?

  • Do you feel like an imposter?

  • Is your inner critic stopping you from moving forward in your life plan?

  • Do you have a business you believe you are failing in?

Confidence is a mindset

The only thing holding you back from achieving greatness is your confidence. 

Stealing our confidence away is comparison.


Comparing ourselves to our friends, celebrities and our neighbours. ⁠

⁠We never compare fairly, yet we allow this comparison to wreck our confidence.⁠

SHOW/GIRL offers 1:1 coaching programs as well as workshops on self belief, charming the inner critic as well as on more specific subjects like returning from maternity leave with confidence.


During your discovery session we will discover what support you need and you will be given a bespoke programme based on your needs.


Workshops start from £40 per person.


Show/Girl is a non judgemental coaching practice focused on increasing confidence in women and enhancing a positive mindset.


We are an alliance of like minded women who enable and empower each other and who can be 100% of ourselves 100% of the time.


We are empowering women, and providing the space to choose their own future.



Since working with Sarah I have developed new confidence and self-belief.


Her energy, positivity and zest for life are compelling.

She is generous with her knowledge and time and has something in her toolkit for everyone.

You will see results fast. Everyone should be lucky enough to have Sarah in their life!

- J.S.

Writing by the Water

I feel like I've shared my heart with you.  In every conversation I got your full attention, focus and kindness.  You made me a better professional - and a more confident person - you did change my life.

- C.M.