Put simply,

I am a Life and Career Coach 


I am a powerful solution to help you solve issues and gain clarity and accountability.

With 20 years work experience in various corporate settings, working in areas such as recruitment and operations, the one constant was people. 

In my corporate jobs, I mentored and coached as many women as I could and when news of redundancy came my way, I knew what my focus should be - coaching women to increase confidence and enhance a positive mindset. 

My focus now is to support women to feel in control of their lives.


Whether it is uncertainty, dealing with stressful life events, or supporting them through change. 

Although my experience and expertise is mainly with women. Show/Girl is LGBTQ+ friendly.


Identifying with the idea of a 'performance' and not being your real self is the heart of Show/Girl.


SHOW/GIRL really  began when I was watching an American Football Game with my husband.


I asked out loud:


What happens to the Cheerleaders once this job finishes?

What's next for them?


Who gives them guidance, looks after their careers?


Do they have a plan for their future?

Years went by and we have now witnessed more changes in the world including various campaigns like #MeToo and #TimesUp.


Scandal after scandal of girls and women being taken advantage of, their gender being a barrier or an excuse.


In the meantime, I fought more battles in corporate settings. I honed my development and coaching skills, got NLP accredited, worked with and mentored as many women as I could  and made it my mission to enable and empower them in the workplace. I realised I had found my place and knew what my legacy would be to the world, to coach women.


My vision is that through the power of coaching I can help women feel confident and love themselves inside and out; and excited about what their future has to hold.