BackStage: Your Coaching Programme

YOUR Coaching Programme

SHOW/GIRL offers an inspiring 12-week private one-to-one coaching programme.


Crafted around confidence, growth and success,  I will support you to identify your goals and empower you to strive for them and make your dreams a reality. ​

I will share tools and exercises such as mindset growth and personality appraisals to aid your personal development.


You Will Receive

  • Initial 2-hour session to understand your goals, get to the heart of you, your drivers and values.

  • Eight 1-hour sessions, each carefully designed with a focus and purpose, aiming to move you along your goals with agreed focussed expectations.

  • Take away reading materials to develop and condition explained behaviours.

  • Unlimited support for the duration of the programme.


What to Expect

  • Improved inner confidence.

  • Personal transformation to bring out the person you are meant to be.

  • Awareness of any self-doubt with a proven plan to remove it.

  • Knowledge of the beliefs holding you back and having the skills on how to face them.

  • Your vision / changes you want will now have a clear plan and you will have a clear line of sight to your next goal.

  • The ability to be positive about yourself, your dreams, desires, passions and values.

  • Increased courage so you can be 100% be yourself 100% of the time.