BackStage: Your Coaching Programme

YOUR Coaching Programme

SHOW/GIRL offers an inspiring 12-week private one-to-one coaching programme.


Crafted around confidence, growth and success,  I will support you to identify your goals and empower you to strive for them and make your dreams a reality. ​

I will share tools and exercises such as mindset growth and personality appraisals to aid your personal development.


You Will Receive

  • Initial 2-hour session to understand your goals, get to the heart of you, your drivers and values.

  • Eight 1-hour sessions, each carefully designed with a focus and purpose, aiming to move you along your goals with agreed focussed expectations.

  • Take away reading materials to develop and condition explained behaviours.

  • Unlimited support for the duration of the programme.


What to Expect

  • Improved inner confidence.

  • Personal transformation to bring out the person you are meant to be.

  • Awareness of your self-doubt with a proven plan to remove it.

  • Knowledge of the beliefs holding you back and having the skills on you will face them.

  • Your vision / changes you want will now have a clear plan and you will have a clear line of sight to your next goal.

  • The ability to be positive about yourself, your dreams, desires, passions and values.

  • Increased courage so you can be 100% be yourself 100% of the time.


Sandra Ringaile

I have never felt so supported and so 'on track'  when I had sessions with Sarah. Her enthusiasm and love to live are inspiring.

I'm so glad I met you Sarah. Recommending 100%


I attended a group coaching session with Sarah.... It was a great experience and really challenged us to think about what we want to achieve personally and professionally and what might be holding us back. Sarah is friendly and professional and would highly recommend future sessions like this.


She is not just a great and precise coach, but also an inspiring person. Sarah's knowledge in coaching is vast and extensive. She showed a high level of coaching, motivation, confidence, fun, empathy in the sessions I have attended. The advice provided has helped me to increase my confidence, motivation and make decisions I would never have been brave to make before. 

Keira Henderson

Laura Staduliene