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SHOW/GIRL offers an inspiring private one-to-one coaching programme for introverted women.


 During your discovery session we will discover what support is right for you to create a bespoke programme based on your needs (examples are below).

Crafted around confidence, growth and success,  you will have support and coaching to identify your goals and feel empowered to make your dreams a reality.


Show/Girl has been created to help you to close the gap between performance and the real you!

Back Stage: Example Coaching Programmes

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You don’t need to spend the rest of your life wondering if you are doing the right thing, feeling overwhelmed and searching for your purpose.

This 4-hour package will make the fog clear from feeling unfocussed, purposeless and down and will send you on a trajectory to the stars to help you feel euphoric with your new found knowledge about being an introvert to feel lighter and uplifted.


By the end of this program, you will have clarity on your introversion and how to make it work for you, you will see things with a sharp lens and a shifted mindset, and you will be determined and powerful through simple non-jargon techniques tailored to you, your personality, and how you see the world.


This package is ideal for women who are beginning on this journey of self-awareness and improvement and need a kind but firm push in the right direction.


Includes tailored resources to help you get to understand yourself quickly. The programme is tailor made to you and is flexible completely to your needs.


2 Hour Introduction Session - reviewing preparation work

2 x 1 hour sessions



Be the heroine of your own story by finding your career purpose all the way through to getting a job offer. This can be challenging for introverts who are pushed into a career early on.


From helping you to find the ideal career and job search coaching to showing you how to tailor a CV in a quick and simple way. I will help you with interview preparation and improve your money mindset and get you ready to negotiate a package that you are excited about.


Includes tailored resources to help you get to understand yourself quickly that you can reuse whenever you are job searching.
Any of these sessions can be interchanged for other sessions, including but not limited to networking, covering letters, and application forms.


2 Hour -  Intro session CV review, reviewing preparation work

90 Mins -  CV tailoring (with a job you want to apply for, ATS and human optimised)

90 mins - Interview preparation

1 hour - Negotiation preparation/ money mindset coaching



This 6-month programme of 12 sessions is ideal for you if you have started the self-improvement journey and want accountable, long-lasting confidence and support. Every 2 weeks we will meet and revisit your fortnight, and any issues which have come up or are on the horizon. This can include relationships, family, friends, business, or anything that you need support on.

Ideal for an introvert with big dreams.


You will be given resources and exercises to do away from our sessions, you will be challenged but also feel like you are in a safe space to really open up and reveal your true self.


This programme will take you from unfocused, overwhelmed and with the world on your shoulders to powerful, purposeful, determined and set to achieve your goals.



2 Hour -  Intro session

11 x 1-hour sessions


Lady blowing gold glitter.  Sarah Bryer Photo Show / Girl Confidence Life and Career Coaching

Sandra Ringaile

I have never felt so supported and so 'on track'  when I had sessions with Sarah. Her enthusiasm and love to live are inspiring.

I'm so glad I met you Sarah. Recommending 100%

People Celebrating. Sarah Bryer Photo Show / Girl Confidence Life and Career Coaching

I attended a group coaching session with Sarah.... It was a great experience and really challenged us to think about what we want to achieve personally and professionally and what might be holding us back. Sarah is friendly and professional and would highly recommend future sessions like this.

Golden Dust. Sarah Bryer Show / Girl Confidence Life and Career Coaching

Laura Staduliene

She is not just a great and precise coach, but also an inspiring person. Sarah's knowledge in coaching is vast and extensive. She showed a high level of coaching, motivation, confidence, fun, empathy in the sessions I have attended. The advice provided has helped me to increase my confidence, motivation and make decisions I would never have been brave to make before. 

Keira Henderson

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