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Career / Coaching

Are you showing up for the Future You?

  • Do you want more from your career? 

  • Are you stuck in your job and know you are capable of more, but don't know where to start?

  • Do you find yourself people pleasing rather than saying what you want?

  • Do you rely on others but are eager to feel empowered to achieve something by yourself?

  • Do you have goals or a plan that you can’t get moving on?

Are you interested in seeing what else you are capable of?

Using my extensive experience in recruitment and career development, I can help you to focus on yourself in a career change, improvement or development.

I use a holistic approach of coaching and life tools that will guide the ‘Future You’ to the world you are capable of achieving.

Show/Girl is a non judgemental coaching practice focused on increasing confidence in women and enhancing a positive mindset. We are an alliance of like minded women who enable and empower each other and  who can be 100% of ourselves 100% of the time. We are empowering women, and providing the space to choose their own future.

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I have never felt so supported and so "on track" when I had sessions with Sarah.


Her enthusiasm and love to live are inspiring.


I'm so glad I met you Sarah.


Recommending 100%!

- S.G.

Sarah coached and helped me during a demanding transition into a new role, in a team located in another country

(also in a pre and post pandemic world without it affecting my development).

I have nothing but great things to say regarding her methodologies and results - I’ve benefited tremendously from our sessions and I saw that in my results at work and feedback received.

100% recommend!

- M.F.

Being set challenges in a safe, fun and supported way for me has been key to my personal growth.

As a result of working with Sarah I am starting a great new role with a new found confidence and feel like I can handle anything that comes my way.

- J.S.