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Life / Coaching

Are you showing up for the Future You?

  • Are you tired of just coping?  Surviving not thriving?

  • Do you have goals or a plan that you just can't get moving on?

  • Are you looking for human connection?

  • Do you want to stop feeling like you need to prove yourself?

  • Do you rely on others even though you know you are good enough to achieve your goals?

Be fully connected to your master plan

Coaching will help you get the clarity you need to move forward on your goals, be more confident in who you are and what you really want.  Empowering you as a confident introvert to speak up, feel true confidence and feel good enough for whatever life throws at you.

Show/Girl offers 1:1 coaching programs as well as workshops on self belief, charming the inner critic as well as on more specific subjects like returning from maternity leave with confidence.  


During your discovery session we will discover what support is right for you to create a bespoke programme based on your needs.


Which can be from a couple of hours to a six month programme.

Begin by looking at the wheel of life and reviewing your life as a whole. Digging deep into what you want to solve and making fast adjustments. 

Music Performance

Show/Girl is a non judgemental coaching practice focused on increasing confidence in introverted women and enhancing a positive mindset.


We are empowering women, and providing the space to choose their own future.


Writing by the Water

Sarah's approach is unique, she truly cares about helping people, and has a huge commitment for the work she is doing, you can't help but get caught up in her passion.

She listens free of any judgement and has a gift of being able to quickly and simply get to the heart of the matter.

- J.S.

You've been an absolute pleasure to work with, and what a force to be reckoned with!

You've been able to inspire so many people.

- M.F.

You've put so much work into developing people and show how much you care about us (plus you're an amazing human).

I couldn't have got through the last 12 months without you.

- B.H.

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