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What is Self Awareness and 3 Ways To Increase it

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

What is Self Awareness?

At the start of any improvement - of anything we need to be aware of the current ‘state’. In this case us and who we are. Better self awareness is going to translate into confidence. Once we know who we are - then we can feel more of ourselves.

We need to pay attention to:-

How We Behave - how we act in certain situations, our habits and tendencies.

How We Think - how we explain things to ourselves and how we make sense of the world.

Our Feelings - understanding our emotions and moods.

Why bother?

Better Relationships - Understanding our behaviour, thoughts and feelings can help us explain it to others so they can be mindful of their actions or how you feel. eg- Jealousy when a partner goes out with friends.

Moods - It’s how we choose to behave when we understand ourselves more, it’s easier to regulate the feelings. eg - I feel grumpy today - nothing is wrong, I just need a quiet day.

Better Decision Making - Less knee jerk reactions because we know why we are making those decisions, they are not just based on emotion.

Three Ways to Increase Self Awareness

1. Identify the emotion that is like a bomb - the thoughts that stay with you all day, or a feeling from years ago - rejection, worry , stress, fear, impatience, anxiety, anger, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, shock or humiliation.

2. Ask for Feedback - not criticism if you are brave to ask it, it tells us a lot about ourselves. We all have blind spots, these are there because of our personalities, and how we are brought up and our life experiences. Jumping to conclusions without the facts, blaming others if we feel insecure, doing things alone because we are afraid to ask for help, being insensitive, knowing it all, avoiding conflict, treating commitments casually- not valuing others time, conspiring against others, withholding commitment, not taking a stand, or tolerating ‘good enough’.

3. Try Something New - We are over-scheduled and trying new things - from changing your meals to visiting a place you have never been to before will challenge us and get us in tune with our feelings, emotions and behaviour.

What to do with all that knowledge?

1. Write it down, see patterns.

2. Identify what you would like to change.

3. Put your knowledge into action.

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