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Why it can be hard to ask for help when you need it. A lesson in confidence

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Why it can be hard to ask for help

Asking for help can be hard for a lot of people.

For some, it can feel like a sign of weakness. They may have been raised to believe that they should be able to handle everything on their own. Others may have had bad experiences in the past where they've asked for help and not received it. This can lead to feeling like it's not worth asking because you're just going to be disappointed. And finally, some people may feel like they're just being silly or that their problems aren't big enough to warrant asking for help.

However, there are many reasons why people might find it hard to ask for help, and it's important to remember that everyone struggles with different things. If you're finding it hard to ask for help, that's okay. Just know that you're not alone.

It can be hard to ask for help, especially if you're used to being the one who always has everything under control.

But admitting that you need assistance is a strength, not a weakness.

The first step is to identify who you can turn to for help. This might be a friend, family member, co-worker, or professional. Once you've pinpointed someone who can offer support, it's time to reach out.

Be specific about what you need and why you're asking for help.

For example, "I'm struggling to finish this project on my own and I was wondering if you could take a look at it with me."

By being clear and confident in your request, you're more likely to get the assistance you need.

Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of - we all need a little extra support from time to time.

Helpers are lifted up when they help others.

When people do kind things for others, it makes them feel good about themselves. It is a way to connect with other people and feel like they are a part of something larger than themselves. This is what is called a helpers high. Asking for help isn't only good for you, it can benefit those who help too.

Start small - try asking for small things, the time, help with finding something. Observe how it has made the other person feel.

Look at other people around you who freely ask for help, are they getting ahead, have better relationships? Do things change for them a lot faster?

Once you shine a light on this, you will see that people who ask and get help from the right places, will move ahead faster. You may not have people to ask, but you might pay for the support, a coach, mentor, plumber, carpet fitter. Whatever it takes for you to get ahead faster.

By learning how to ask for help in a way that feels comfortable and confident, we can build better relationships with others while also taking care of ourselves. If you’re looking for more support in building your confidence, join us here at where you can connect with other introverts who will understand and support you.

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