What is a Life Coach? Get Inspired with Amazing Free Self Awareness activity!

Updated: Jul 24

What can a Life Coach do for me?
What are the benefits of a Life Coach?

A Life Coach works with individuals or groups who have a desire to move on in areas of their life. A coach supports goal setting, personal and transformational growth including behaviour and habit change.

A great coach is someone you connect with and trust, someone who will be a confidante, she will make you accountable as well as be a cheerleader to your achievements.

What is Show/Girl Coaching and how is it different?

Show/Girl is a non judgemental coaching practice focused on increasing confidence in women and enhancing a positive mindset. We are an alliance of like minded women who enable and empower each other and who can be 100% of ourselves 100% of the time. We empowering women, and providing the space to choose their own future.

Show/Girl uses a holistic approach of coaching and life tools that guide ‘Future You’ to the world you are capable of achieving.

When should I hire a Life Coach?

Now! If you have a goal you are having trouble achieving, an outcome which must be attained, a job you want, a relationship explored. You want to gain or build confidence or improve your self esteem.

Do it Now !

A coach can also help with elements of depression and anxiety along with breaking habits like smoking and losing weight. A coach is not a doctor and cannot advise medically. Show/Girl Coaching will refer you back to your GP, or other medical professionals like therapist or counsellors when needed. However, the change of mindset and focus that someone with anxiety or depression can benefit from, can come from a coach and can compliment medical support.

You have to be ready for change. Coaching can be useful all the time but can soon become expensive with no goals set and many excuses.

At Show/Girl we use a discovery session to help understand if you are ready to commit to your change and make sure that it’s the right time and option to embark on.

Where can I find a Life Coach?

‘Life Coach near me’ on Google. However, with a global shift in more online availability, location is less of an issue.

Most coaching sessions can now take place in the comfort of your own home on Zoom or other platforms including (Skype/Hangouts/Teams/WhatsApp).

This means no waiting around and means you are comfortable faster, making the most of your time. Review recommendations and testimonials.

Look at a coach’s career history on LinkedIn - how experienced are they? What can they bring to you? A coach with little coaching experience and little work experience might not give you the challenge that you need.

Coaches should have a niche - a place where they can give their clients best value. Coaches who just coach everyone regardless might not be experienced enough in what you are looking for.