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Money can't buy time - Spend It Well. Is a Life Coach worth it?

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

As part of my coaching training I asked myself if I’d have had a coach when I was very young, would my life have worked out differently.

Working in the same company in a similar job from age 19-24. There was no progression.

But I loved it, I loved the people, the social, the flexibility.

I got older and moved jobs, I lacked confidence in myself. A colleague showed faith in me, she would often challenge me and ask what else I was doing in my career. She offered a nugget of information which stuck with me.

Sarah - You need to earn your age. I was 27, earning £22k. I had 5 years (£5k) to improve on.

It was my first real career goal - albeit it focussed on money.

I didn’t achieve it straight away, it took a few years, working 7 days a week at one point. But by the time I was 31 I had done it. I kept that in my mind and kept pushing on for the next few years surpassing my goal. Changing jobs, chasing the money until I was comfortable.

Now it's time to chase my dreams.

What if I’d had not just a friendly colleague, but a coach, who saw my potential, challenged me more formally, gave me accountability and checked in on me?

What if I’d have had a coach who helped me realise my worth so I didn't get married the first time. I would have gotten to my dream 5 years earlier.

Time is one thing we cannot buy that will run out, spend it well.

Is a life coach worth it? YES.

Know you are doing things well and you are on the right track.

Help you find your dreams and live a well lived life.

Support you to achieve whatever you want or need in your life.

Help avoid mistakes because of your own lack of self confidence .

How much is a Life Coach?

There is no set cost for a Coach, the level of experience and how many coaches in that niche can all have an effect on the price or fees.

Show/Girl creates bespoke programmes for the individual, which are up to 10 sessions long over 6 - 9 months and include extra email/ text support outside of a coaching session.

However Show/Girl is flexible. If you need some ‘on the fly’ help with a salary negotiation, a difficult relationship at work or a life event. Show/Girl can support you.

If you are looking at a group event. Work with Show/Girl to come up with an amazing impactful programme which can be priced accordingly.

Show/Girl often does Pro Bono work for domestic violence survivors and most recent ‘pay what you can afford’ sessions for people who have found themselves out of work due to the global pandemic.

Want to show appreciation - I love a hot chocolate


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