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Manifest me a magazine appearance!

How manifesting got me exactly what I wanted and I got in a magazine!

There was a time when I didn't really know about manifesting.

One of the first things I did when I became self-employed was to get a Costco Wholesale card. LOVE that place.

They have a print and online magazine each month which has a profile of a customer.

I really wanted to be that person. Every month I would read it and wonder how it could be me. Could I ever be worthy?

Every month I've read it, every month and every time I glanced at my Costco card I wondered.

Cue 14 months after starting Show/Girl Coaching.

I saw a request for interviews for Costco Wholesale magazine.

I sent my details, not expecting to be selected because my business isn't product-based.

3 weeks later - My mum asked me if I'd take my stepdad to Costco.

I looked at my phone and saw an email.

I got a reply from a journalist who was doing the interview for Costco Magazine.

She took basic details.

Loved my story.

Booked a call and asked me questions.

Asked for photos

Told me that the interview will probably be in the autumn.

Asked me for an action shot of me doing my work (which was pretty funny to take a photo of!)

What are you manifesting? How will you do it? Read "24 hours to improving a big but"

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