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Learn to Write a Book!

What can I possibly learn from a woman I am mentoring, who is half my age?

Loads. She has grit, determination, and social media knowledge like no other. Up on all the tech stuff, unafraid to put her self out there. She is a fab role model for me and why I LOVE working with young women. This weeks unintended lesson, was how to publish a book. I was like her once, loads of ideas, no fear, willing to put myself out there. The thing I was missing, just like her, was the other part of the story to make me successful- the 'How'. How to do things long term, who else this could appeal to, how to capitalise on my idea - because my own frame of reference was only 20 years old, I can now help with the BIG PICTURE. I was inspired to self publish a book by this woman. This book 👇(click here buy it)

I sent my mentee all the resources that I found helpful, the YT videos which helped (which were about making £0 in the first 3 months, my kind of honest content !) Plus some enhancements that had been made since the videos had been filmed. She cheered me on and congratulated me , I encouraged her to 'do' the process. She is on the final edit, of her inspirational gratitude journal and I will be the first in line to buy. That is what happens when women come together, when we celebrate success and we are open to learning (no matter our age or our role in the relationship).

It is NEVER too late to do something new, never too late to follow a dream, or get yourself in print. Don't let life pass you by!

For information on how, the confidence to and tips for success - email me

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