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Can a coach help me with….? How a Life Coach can support you

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

A Coach can help you with most things. A great Coach will know when to pass you onto another professional, your GP, or therapist.

For many of these issues and conditions, you may be seeing a professional.

It may help if you have used the services available to you like your GP, therapist, medication, counselling etc).

Your Coach should be mindful of and include all the support available to you. You might want to start with some work by your self - Self Awareness Worksheet

Here is where Coaching will help.

Anxiety and Depression - both can exist in certain spaces, elements can come from a lack of confidence. NLP techniques and Coaching using questioning methods can help the mindset of the anxious and depressed. It is key that you are / have been under some kind of clinical care.

Build and improve confidence - Show/Girl’s expertise! A Coach is the best placed to do this as building confidence around goals and changing mindset to feel confidence is the sweet spot for Coaches like me.

Relationships - whilst not a relationship Coach, there are elements of being self aware and confident that directly impact relationships, improving your confidence and how you see yourself will directly impact your relationship. I work with domestic violence survivors and working through the self awareness piece on relationships is really key to healing and moving on in their next relationship.

Quit Smoking/ Lose Weight - there are specialists and Coaches for this. However, this again is mindset and having a Coach to support you through the other side of these (what you replace smoking with and how to gain and keep confidence) will ensure you are taking care of your whole self. Not just one element.

Reduce workplace stress - you should be able to discuss this with your manager or HR. If not a Coach can help with processing situations, gaining confidence and changing your mindset on some of the things causing your stress and coping techniques.

Leading a team - a Coach can help you achieve your goals including leading a successful team. They can do this by removing your blockers, changing your mindset and giving practical advice. You may want a mentor to support you with this (or at least a Coach with experience of running teams).

Improve performance/Workplace performance - much workplace or non workplace performance is based around confidence. Whether confidence in yourself to do something, or confidence to deal with issues blocking you. The more confident you are, the better you will perform.

Achieving success - this is what a coach is made for. Increasing confidence. Helping you plan the way to your success.

Motivation - a Coach will help with your motivation. I believe in confidence boosts, motivational messages and finding what motivates you (and figuring it out for the people around you). Motivation is one of the keys to achieving your dreams. But sometimes we need a little help.

Negotiating Pay - this boils down to confidence and mindset. This is where a Coach can earn you back whatever you paid them ten times over.

Long term Illness - again, being under the care of a medical professional, Coaching can support you with dreams and goals, help you with motivation and mindset to ensure that an illness cannot stop you from achieving a dream.

Are any of these what you are dealing with now?

If you wanted to explore this with me or to ask more questions - book a free discovery session to see whether coaching is right for you.

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Show/Girl often does Pro Bono work for domestic violence survivors and most recent ‘pay what you can afford’ sessions for people who have found themselves out of work due to the global pandemic.


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