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Don't Let Mistakes Stop You: Learn How to Bounce Back and Strengthen Your Resilience!

Last half term, I'd been super organised and booked tickets for the Natural History and Science museums (tickets are free, but booking yourself a space reduces time in the queue).

I was 100% sure I'd booked the science museum, but I couldn't find my ticket.

I went to the marshall and told them my dilemma, they suggested I go in and see if the team could find my details. As I walked in the door the two queues funneled together, so instead of faffing about, I just went to the desk and got 'new tickets'.

It transpires that I didn't have a ticket for me and my family. I can only assume I'd gone through the motions (as I remember having a conversation about what time we should book it for), but must have been distracted or something... and erm... pushed in.

The moral of this tale is that confidence can get you anywhere. If you'd have asked me to bet if I'd had tickets I'd have done it, I was certain.

However, if you'd asked me to circumvent the queue knowing that I was pushing in, I couldn't do it, my body language would have been different, sweaty palms, over-explaining.

What have you done by accident, but you did it so confidently? Let me know here

But what if you make a mistake - how do you bounce back?

Acknowledge Your Mistakes:

Acknowledge and accept your mistakes as part of the learning process, rather than a sign of failure or lack of intelligence. I didn't beat myself up after, I've acknowledged my mistake, oopsed it, and moved on.

Be Kind to Yourself:

Offer yourself kindness and understanding after making a mistake, instead of dwelling on it and beating yourself up. Remember that mistakes are an essential part of growth! I am sorry that I 'pushed in', but I am being kind and not beating myself up.

Create New Habits:

Take what you have learned from making the mistake and use it to create new habits and strategies for success in the future. It's made me realise that I need to slow down. When I am doing something, I need to finish it, and stop trying to do 10 things at once.

Making mistakes can be a difficult and challenging experience. However, the mistake is not the end of the story. Acknowledge your mistakes, be kind to yourself, and create new habits for success in the future - it's all part of learning ! Building on resilience and determination, you can use your mistakes as an opportunity to strengthen your character and grow from them.

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