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Coaching with Show/Girl - How it Works - Steps to a Successful Relationship

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Coaching has been around for years in the US and in corporate companies in the UK. But 'Life Coaching' is quite a new concept in other parts of the world such as the UK.

So how do you engage with Show/Girl - or any coach? And what should you expect?

1. A prospective client finds me - they have searched the web, come across one of my posts or blogs on social media, or seen me in the media somewhere.

2. The client books a discovery session, by contacting me by email/phone 07536 994521/ what's app, through a social media platform - Facebook, Instagram , Linked in, or Twitter or via the website.

3. The discovery session takes place. I always book in an hour for these sessions. Most often the women that find their way to me are not sure how a coach can help them.

They might not know what they need, just that something needs to change.
  • I introduce myself and talk about my experience, the purpose of Show/Girl and my specialism. Very quickly they realise whether they connect with me and whether the message and the mission of Show/Girl fits them.

  • It is then the prospective clients turn, who will then tell me about why they contacted me, what is going on in their life.

  • The discovery sessions don't all lead to clients, some need to be referred to therapists, or medical professionals. When we begin to talk, some are looking for something else, or we don’t gel as well as we could. I have a list of other professionals I can recommend. A coach and their client cannot do a great job when they don’t connect. Can coaching be measured?

  • When investing in a coach, you need to feel that you can tell them things you have never told anyone without judgement or shame. You want to feel like your thoughts and feelings are validated and you want results.

Show/Girl is non judgemental and has worked with women from all walks of life.

4. Closing the conversation - I talk about the type of programme I think will be the best, the cost, and the features and benefits. I never push my clients to buy straight away. If you are looking for change, sometimes it takes time to really be ready and give the coaching relationship your best self.

5. After the session - I send over everything written down, my terms, sharing my confidentiality agreement and insurance.

6. Follow Up. I follow up within a couple of days, then a few weeks later. Some clients come back within a day, some months later when they are ready to invest the time and energy in themselves, but I am always at the end of a phone to help in the meantime and have often sent over resources to help people in the meantime try and find their best selves.

If you are interested in seeing if Show/Girl is for you- or to ask more questions - book a free discovery session to see whether coaching is right for you.

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Show/Girl does Pro Bono work for domestic violence survivors and most recent ‘pay what you can afford’ sessions for people who have found themselves out of work due to the global pandemic.



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