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Is Coaching for You? Discover more and Be the most incredible version of you

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

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What is coaching? The question now is...

Who is coaching for? Is coaching for me?

If you already know - skip to the bottom and find out how to book yourself a free session with me.

If you are ready to take responsibility for you and your life - Coaching is for you.

Coaching is for people who have a dream and are ready and committed to take steps and action toward it. Coaching is an investment to improve your place in the world - whether that be your career or an element of your life.

Many great coaches have a specific type of person they work with, or industry. Some are career or business coaches. These serve specific times in our lives. Coaching is for everyone. But it is not really advertised to everyone in this way.

Show/Girl is a non judgemental coaching practice focused on increasing confidence in women and enhancing a positive mindset. Empowering women, and providing the space to choose their own future.

Show/Girl uses a holistic approach of coaching and life tools that guide ‘Future You’ to the world you are capable of achieving.

My most current client has been made redundant and is exploring content creation on OnlyFans. We are working together to build her confidence and create a business plan - with significant increases already made in her earnings.

Coaches for other women exist , but again focussed on corporate ladder climbers. More women than ever have started their own businesses and need support, are experts in their field but struggle with the thought of being on a Facebook live, or creating social media.

The confidence to ask for business escapes them and this is when their business can fail. A small investment can make a hell of a difference.

Some coaches work with NHS workers, including Doctors and Nurses. Our NHS staff have had a hell of a year which seems to be getting worse. The professional development, mindset, and general well being of these people will have been put on hold. So they are finding their own support including coaching.

Children, Teenagers and Young Adults are also a group where coaching can benefit. Children who have had a tough upbringing or lack confidence. Children of celebrities who need to find who they are. Teenagers who suffer with confidence because of acne, or a physical difference, or just being a teenager. Young adults with no clue about what they want to do next and are struggling with the idea of further education.

Coaching for Men has been available in a corporate setting. Some companies champion mentorship and coaching programmes, but they seem to be a luxury afforded to a select few.

Coaching is not advertised to men running their own businesses or targeted at millennials (male or female) launching their own twitch channel for example. But it can and should be used if you have a dream and want to take action - no matter how big or small your dream is.

Coaching for the Workplace - should not be just for executives. It is critical that people (especially now) who are working from home get good support.

Managers are now being asked to not only be the expert, but also check in on mental health, with no real training, some are not built that way and need support on how to be empathetic while also recognising unusual patterns of behaviour.

How to deal with an upset colleague. The more isolated people become, the more they need support. People who seem to be working all the hours might be lonely, some people who seem to be hardly doing anything. Are they motivated? What else is going on?

Colleagues need support in how to be seen and be promoted in this virtual world. How to stand out and how to get those opportunities usually discussed in the office.

How do introverts be seen - when they are now invisible?

Coaching for Celebrities. Celebrities are coached around dealing with the media or their talent. People in the public eye are a commodity. Caroline Flack, Katie Price or Jesy Nelson are dehumanised by the media and the people who make money out of them.

Each heartbreak, scuffle, weight gain or argument is played out in the public domain. A coach in their corner who is focussed on the person (not how many albums they sell) and can help them figure out their values and what they want in life as well as boosting confidence and being a cheerleader for them can pay massive dividends, not only for their bank balance or status, but most importantly their quality of life.

No matter if you are a person in the public eye or are an expert at whatever you do - it doesn't mean you are confident all the time.

Coaching is total support, challenge and making sure you are accountable to achieve whatever you set out to do.

Retired people can benefit from coaching. When you retire, you have to make your own way. Find hobbies or passions, keep yourself occupied. What if you had worked for decades, but wanted to find out what your passion is or what your legacy to the world will be.

Significant life events may also require the need for a coach. Therapy and counselling definitely have their place. However, a divorce, illness or death may shake you to rethink your life , look at your goals and achievements. A coach can support throughout this.

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Show/Girl often does Pro Bono work for domestic violence survivors and most recent ‘pay what you can afford’ sessions for people who have found themselves out of work due to the global pandemic.


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