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Is Coaching is a Real Job? Invest in a High Quality Coach with Instinct and Experience

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Since I began my coaching business, the algorithms have gone berserk. I have been advertised to about every coaching course known to woman. With courses telling me all I need to pay is $997 (yup, $ not £) and I could be a fully fledged coach.

People who get trained like this are then selling the same courses, coaching coaches - although they might never have coached a real person.

They are the MLM of coaching - in my opinion.

You don’t need a formal qualification to be a coach - in theory - anyone can be one. So doing a ‘course’ can teach you everything you need in an afternoon right? Wrong.

So when you are asking yourself (me or Google) if coaching is a scam, if coaching is fake or a con. Or a real job. This is when you might be right.

When is Coaching a Real Job?

Coaching at its core is about people.

Interpreting, detecting, calling out BS from your client who is paying you. Going back to that difficult memory that they gloss over because you know in your heart it’s important to their story and how they will get out of their funk.

Figuring out ways to help them when nothing else has. It takes instinct, intuition, experience, courage, tenacity. A coach will have read 100’s of books about new models and theories, psychology and behaviour.

They will have a great network that they can share with you. They will be experienced.

Some will have been coaches for years. Working with businesses or working on their own business.

Some - like me - will have found their calling after working in a corporate career. I have been coaching, leading and managing people for over a decade. They might have Self Awareness Worksheet like this (which is a great resource to start self discovery!)

A great coach will have a confidentiality agreement in place with you and most importantly; ethics.

A recent example was a lady going through therapy. She had been through a bad time but the therapy was working and making her feel good, but I could tell the road was long. I advised to stick with therapy, for the time being and when she was thinking about her next chapter of her life and needed support, I would be there for her.

It didn't earn me money - but it was the right thing to do. Real coaches may have to refer people to therapists, counsellors, government bodies or charities to get alternative help. Real coaches will do it even if it earns them nothing but goodwill.

My advice

Check your coach out. Ask for testimonials. Look for real reviews on Google or Facebook. Look at Linkedin - check out their career history to see whether they are experienced enough.

Two shifts in a café and working as a coach might not give you what you need.

If those fail (maybe the business side is too new to have lots of reviews). Have a discovery call - these are free and are an intro to the person, the coaching package, and an understanding on what you will get out of your coaching package.

Connect with that person. Try another coach if you are not sure. Coaching is an investment in you, so make sure you make it worth your while.

You wouldn't have just one quote for fixing your roof? Why should this be any different?

My area of expertise is coaching women to increase confidence and enhance a positive mindset.

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