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8 Valuable Ways to Increase Amazing Self Belief!

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Once you understand the reason behind your lack of self-belief, you can work on how to build it. Give yourself some time and space to review 'you'. We can all work on our self belief and doubt ourselves some times.

1. Who Do You Want to Be?

Allow yourself to dream a little. Make a list of all the things you would like to do, or become, No matter how wild and unconventional. Push self doubt away, until you have a long list.

2. Affirm!

Self-affirmations are strong tools that reinforce your belief in yourself. Some recommend affirmations that are wild. However, it has been shown that something that doesn’t feel achievable, will soon fall by the wayside.

Affirmations that build on your success are much more effective.

For example - If you are starting an exercise regime - ‘I can complete a marathon in under 3 hours’ might work for a few days, but feels unachievable when you are out of breath in 20 seconds for the third day in a row.

‘I can run half a mile, I look good, I feel good’ is much more attainable. Actually achieving the affirmation will enable you to do another - a mile, 5k, 10k and then the marathon, Just like setting goals - put it just out of reach.

3. Know and Face Your Fears

What are your fears? Failure, criticism, poverty, success, looking foolish, old age, offending others?

Identify that fear, why is it so important to you? Once you face and conquer your fears, self-doubt will flee.

4. Silence the Inner Critic

The inner critic is a voice inside your head that stops you from doing things, protecting you. But sometimes, it’s a step too far, and we start avoiding things, because the inner critic doesn't think we are good enough. The voice you hear can be yours, a parent, a boss or colleague. Once you start hearing that voice.

Hear what it says, and then go the other way.

‘The presentation isn’t good enough’ - ask ‘Why isn’t it good enough’. Keep answering back and eventually that voice will quieten down.

5. Play to Win

Often we expect to lose, think we are lucky, or have been given a chance, and are grateful. What if you are good enough, you deserve to be here, or to receive that because you have worked hard. Don’t wing it - expecting failure. Put 100% in, and congratulate yourself.

6. Cheer on Others

Don’t discourage people from following their dreams. The more belief there is in you - the more you will find in others. Encourage and see the positives in others - they will start to turn inward and you will believe more in yourself. Change Why? to Why NOT!

7. Self Care

Spend some time on you, in the quiet reading a book, to a spa, wearing nice clothes. Working from home sitting in PJ’s all day and not leaving the house will do nothing for your confidence.

Looking good and feeling great will boost your self confidence and open your mind to what is next!

8. Stay Away from Negative People

Some people are negative, or don’t feel worthy themselves (see point 6). These people cannot provide you with what you need when you are rebuilding confidence. Don’t ask for their opinion if you know it won’t help you. Bring the ones which are supportive and loving closer to you.

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