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24 Hours to Improving a Big But

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

You know Show/Girl doesn't do diet or exercise advice!

In coaching speak - they call these Buts 'Limiting Beliefs'. These are the things we believe about ourselves that stop us from flying!

Removing the BUT in your life will transform whatever it is that you are doing, a goal, an action for the day. You can do all of this in just one day.

How? Recognising them and owning up to them.

These big BUTS trick us into staying in our comfort zone - not taking chances, meandering along, not going anywhere and not achieving our dreams.

Think about your dream. Close your eyes and see it in glorious colour. Make it big and bright.

Why can't you achieve it?

But, it’s too hard. Is it really too hard? Have you done it before? I bet you can think of something more difficult that you have achieved.

Saying “but” gives the illusion that what you want is not possible so that you can avoid doing it.

But, it’s too risky. Yes, there are always risky things, but an intelligent decision based on good research, a deep desire and a solid plan is not risky at all.

You will be choosing to fear risk instead of facing your other fears, like failure.

But, it’ll take too long. Says who? What is a “long time” anyway? How “long” something takes has nothing to do with how much clock time passes and everything to do with how you feel.

You are overwhelmed . You say this as a way to put off making a decision. You fear commitment, not time.

But, it’s overwhelming. If you are feeling overwhelmed it’s because you are thinking big. While it is important to see the big picture and a big goal, you don’t want to “bite off more than you can chew.”

Break it down into manageable steps with a plan and stay focused on the journey.

But, I don’t have time. You’re saying you feel overextended or inefficient. It's a great reason not to take action. We all make time for what is important to us.

There are three solutions that can help create more time:-

Organize your life to free up time

Eliminate lesser important activities

Change your perspective

We are all guilty of using “buts,” the consequences are that we are not living the life we really want. Give yourself 24 hours to be honest with yourself, then make some plans !

Remove that big but from your life - If you wanted to explore this with me or to ask more questions - book a free discovery session to see whether coaching is right for you.

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