​Show/Girl Coaching has been created to increase confidence in women and enhance a positive mindset using one to one, group coaching and confidence courses.
  • Are you interested to see what you are capable of achieving?
  • Are you looking for true inner confidence - not just the show?
  • Do you want to stop feeling like you need to prove yourself?
  • Do you have goals that you can't get moving on?
What is holding you back?​
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Perfectionism
  • Positivity
  • Knowing Your Worth
  • Assertiveness
  • Self Doubt
  • Not Giving Yourself Recognition
  • Low Self Esteem

What is SHOW/GIRL?

This is me - Sarah Bryer. After leaving school with little more than a few A Levels and a desperation to get into the world of work, I fell into an office job in the City. 

Empathic and a problem solver by nature, I soon was looking after a team of people, then a whole function, with board reports and spreadsheets to care about. 

I went back to my core beliefs, had coaching to figure who I wanted to be, this was not my life plan. 

Injustice for women, domestic abuse, motherhood, redundancy and a failed marriage didn't hold me back.


I flew and wanted to help other women recognise their power, harness it and give future them something to be proud of. 

Using skills I have learned from jobs I have had, the people I've met and coached, the courses I have taken including being NLP accredited and the books I have read - I decided to open Show/Girl Coaching.

SHOW/GIRL is a non-judgemental coaching practice that is 100% focused on increasing confidence and enhancing a positive mindset in women.

SHOW/GIRL is an alliance of like-minded women who enable and empower each other to be 100% ourselves 100% of the time.

SHOW/GIRL is for women who have dreams but don't quite know how to get there by themselves. 

We are empowering and providing women with the space and skillset to choose and show up for their own future.


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Gemma Goggin

I was lucky enough to  get Sarah's Confidence Group Coaching session with some fellow creative women. She asked some really pertinent questions and everyone went away with some measurable, achievable  goals . She is warm, perceptive and kind and knows when to dig a little deeper. 


I have nothing but great things to say regarding her methodologies and results - I've benefited tremendously from our sessions and I saw that in my results at work and feedback received. 100% recommended.


Since working with Sarah I have developed new confidence and self belief. Her energy, positivity and zest for life are compelling. She is generous with her knowledge and time and has something in her toolkit for everyone. You will see results fast. Everyone should be lucky enough to have Sarah in their life!

Marina Freitas

Jenny Smith