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​Show/Girl Coaching has been created for Introverted Women. To increase their confidence and self-awareness. 

From pay increases, managing relationships, making small talk, and networking to going live to their audience.

  • Are you interested to see what you are capable of achieving? if you were just more confident?
  • Are you looking for true inner confidence?
  • Do you want to stop feeling like you are not quite enough?
  • Do you have goals that you are more than capable of achieving, but you feel like you are being held back?
The stage is yours .....
What is holding you back?​
  • Imposter Syndrome?
  • Lack of Confidence?
  • Perfectionism?
  • Positivity?
  • Knowing Your Worth?
  • Assertiveness?
  • Self Doubt?
  • Not Giving Yourself Recognition?
  • Low Self Esteem?
Sarah Bryer Photo Show / Girl Confidence Life and Career Coaching

What is SHOW/GIRL?

This is me - Sarah Bryer. I took a job for a well known Insurer, looking after a team of introverts. Clever, capable women, who were being held back because they didn't shout about their achievements, they didn't network or small talk by the coffee machine.

As I started one of the women had just returned from stress leave. Visibly shaking as I met her. 

We worked on internal bureaucracy and navigating the company politics, manager ego's, networking and how to manage upwards. I protected them until they were strong enough to do it all themselves.


They managed difficult people, hosted project meetings like a boss. Picked up the phone to call people they'd only ever emailed as I watched on, knowing the research that had gone into them and the work they had done was paying off. 

Their confidence was rebuilt and then my role was made redundant.


I believe that was my purpose, to build these women up.


So one was ready to accept a £10k increase at another firm, Another to end an abusive relationship and to say no to unreasonable demands. 

Most of all when my previously nervous colleague told me that she was able to cope with her cancer diagnosis because we had met. 

I knew my brief stint there was to help them, and to help me know where my expertise lay. 

And so Show/Girl was born

SHOW/GIRL is a non-judgemental coaching practice that is 100% focused on increasing confidence and enhancing a positive mindset in smart Introverted Women.

SHOW/GIRL is for women who have dreams but don't quite know how to get there by themselves. 

We are empowering and providing women with the space and skillset to choose and show up for their own future.

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Gemma Goggin

I was lucky enough to  get Sarah's Confidence Group Coaching session with some fellow creative women. She asked some really pertinent questions and everyone went away with some measurable, achievable  goals . She is warm, perceptive and kind and knows when to dig a little deeper. 

Sarah Bryer Photo Show / Girl Confidence Life and Career Coaching.  Lightbulb Image

Marina Freitas

I have nothing but great things to say regarding her methodologies and results - I've benefited tremendously from our sessions and I saw that in my results at work and feedback received.


100% recommended.

Sarah Bryer Photo Show / Girl Confidence Life and Career Coaching.  Image of Gold clock face.

Jenny Smith

Since working with Sarah I have developed new confidence and self belief. Her energy, positivity and zest for life are compelling. She is generous with her knowledge and time and has something in her toolkit for everyone. You will see results fast. Everyone should be lucky enough to have Sarah in their life!

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